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饮食性障碍Eating Disorder

饮食性障碍Eating Disorder

关键词: 饮食性障碍、饮食症、暴饮暴食、致呕、导泻、停经、心率过慢、心理治疗、eating disorder、anorexia、bulimia、induce vomiting、laxative、amenorrhea、low heart rate、psychotherapy



·         厌食症

·         暴食症

·         贪食症

·         不可区分的饮食性障碍











o   我总是想食物、体重、或者我看起来如何

o   我干任何事都想着食物和体重

o   我对自己吃的食物感到羞愧或内疚

o   我偷偷地吃东西或者撒谎吃了什麽食物

o   我每天的计划都包括食物或者如何避开食物

o   为了避开食物我会过多地工作、锻炼或者和人在一起

o   我经常不加控制地饮食过多或过少

o   我会通过导泻排除进食的食物或者只吃很少的食物

o   我每天都会量体重,我的情绪随着体重计的显示而改变

o   无论我的体格或体重如何,我总认为我身体的某些部分“不好看”

o   我会计算所有食物或饮料的热量

o   我通过锻炼或少吃一些来惩罚自己的体重变化

o   我对保持一定体重有着严格标准

o   我生病时也要锻炼

o   我为了减轻体重而锻炼, 或者因为吃太多而锻炼

o   我把食物分为“好食物”和“坏食物”,我的情绪根据吃了哪种食物而改变





·         看心理医生做心理治疗和心理辅导

·         看医生做医学评估或着让医生跟进自己的健康状况

·         参加支持小组








FWTherapy  FWT心理工作室



What is eating disorder?

Eating disorders are a group of disorders that characterized with abnormal eating, that is eating too little or eating too much at a time, accompanied by behaviours such as excessive exercise or vomit inducing, laxative using, etc. Clinical eating disorders are eating disorders that are recognized as medical conditions and may threat the like of patients in serious condition. These include:

  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Binge eating disorder
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (ED-NOS).


There are strict criteria to define these conditions. All eating disorders are expressions of underlying psycho-social problems.



Eating Disorder Self-Check


Read the statements below:

o    I'm always thinking about food, weight or the way I look

o    I think about food and weight no matter what I'm doing

o    I'm ashamed or feel guilty about what I eat

o    I eat in secret or lie about what I have eaten

o    I plan my day around food or ways to avoid food

o    I work, exercise or see people too much toavoid eating

o    I often over-eat or under-eat and don't control it

o    I try to make up for eating by purging or eating very little

o    I weigh myself every day and my mood depends on the numbers

o    I obsess about parts of my body that are "wrong", no matter my size or how much I weigh

o    I count the calories of everything I eat or drink

o    I exercise or eat less to punish myself for how much I weigh

o    I am very strict about staying a certain weight

o    I exercise even if I feel sick

o    I exercise to lose weight, or because I ate too much

o    I call foods "good" and "bad" and feel good or bad depending on which I eat


Do these sound like you?Be sure to talk to someone who knows about eating disorders. Even if you don't want to change anything at this point in time, it helps to talk to someone. A psychotherapist can support you in choosing actions that won't hurt your body or mind.


What should you do if you suspect yourself having eating disorder

·         See a psychotherapist for psychotherapy and counseling

·         See your doctor to evaluate your condition and be followed up medically

·        Join support group


FWTherapy  FWT心理工作室






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