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两天作 National Eating Disorder Information CentreNEDIC)登的心理治疗师时间参加NEDIC的学,感到收获还是蛮大的。参加各种座和讨论程中,开的自己的思路,与最先的治疗进食障碍的理念和技术保持与时俱进,增加对进食障碍的理解和同理心。很多人的讲座都使我心生感动,有时鼻子酸酸的,为很多因为厌食症失去健康甚至死亡的人和他们的家人难过;有时又破涕为笑,充满信心。




Toronto Public Library 出版地《Young Voices》(2012)里,有一首一个十六岁的女孩写的一首诗《My Friend Ana》,描述了非常典型的厌食症患者对食物的态度,如果你自己或发现周围的人有诗中描写的情况,就应当加以重视了。



My Friend Ana


Wake up.

What did you eat last night?

Check your stomach.

It’s not flat.

Of course not.

You ate all your dinner yesterday.

How could you?

Get on the scale.

You need to be punished.


Get up.

Lying in bed won’t burn any carbs.

Take a shower

Make it hot.

Sweat your fat away.

Scrub harder

Make your arms ache

You didn’t do any pushups last night.


Get dressed.

Put your tank top on

None of your bras fit anymore.

Remember your sweaters

You’ll be cold if you don’t.

You need stockings.

Don’t let anyone see how your knees are thicker than your thighs


Eat breakfast.

You’re too weak not to eat.

Just like a fat person

You think you need the food.

You can survive without it.

Don’t put that toast in your mouth

I’ll talk to you about it all day if you do

You did.

You just put one hundred calories into your already big stomach

Those calories will turn to fat

You’re fat.



Go to school.

Look at everyone eating

Looks good


They’ll pay for it later.

You don’t want a muffin.

450 calories that you won’t burn

Where will they go?

To your thighs


But, then again, you always were.

You’ll never change.

Eat lunch.


You better not eat the other half of that sandwich.

Think of that toast you had this morning.

Told you I’d bug you about it.

You really want to eat that cheese string?

Think of that toast.

That butter.

In you.


Go home.

What time is it?

Don’t eat too late.

You’d better get going.

Open the fridge.

Take out the cucumber rolls.

Only two pieces tonight

Remember that toast.

An apple is all right

A small one.

Think of that toast.


Do homework.

You’re not hungry.

No more gum.

Each piece is five calories you don’t need.

Go on Boston Pizza’s website

Think about eating a whole slice.

The cheese, the sauce, the crust.

And a milkshake.

But never do it.

You never will

Not with me.


Go to bed.

Listen to that rumble.

It’s the sound of champions.

But are you really a champion?


You ate that toast.

Good night.

See you tomorrow.


Witten by Maddy DeWelles, age 16. Copied from “Young Voices, 2012)















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